The BIBLE Q & A Genesis Chapter 1 (The Creation)

Hi, Amazing people,

I am a new blogger and I really wanted to write my thoughts about BIBLE.

I thought a blog would be a good option to write my thoughts, and that is why I am here. I would request you guys to also write in the comments section about my thoughts and this blog. I would also request you to ask your questions so that I can open my BIBLE and answer you all and in this way, we would all be growing in Christ, JESUS who is our only Saviour.

Genesis chapter 1:1, in the beginning, God created the heaven and the Earth.

Isn't beautiful that how beautifully we all have been created? God thought in this beautiful earth human beings should also be there so first, he created Adam and then Eve as his companion.  Adam and Eve were allowed to roam on the whole earth but they had been instructed by God not to eat the fruit of one Tree.

Can you all guess what was that Tree?

Well, that tree was having the fruit of WISDOM. Isn't strange why they were advised not to eat that fruit? After all, it was like all other fruits in the garden of Eden!!

People according to me god had another, plan to take human beings to heaven, however since eve was deceived by the devil, serpent whatever you call him, the  God's plan was not accomplished in human's life.

I often wonder god never had thought that anyone could fail my plan and then I have to think of another plan to take human beings to HEAVEN.

Can you imagine how good our God is? He forgives us for every SIN and then figures out another way to take us out from every problem which we create ourselves.

I have never seen and would never see anyone like God who can forgive us every time and stands with us in every situation neither my parents nor my siblings, forget about friends.

This was my insight on Genesis chapter #1.
In my next blog, I would write more about the book of Genesis.

Love & Respect
Jasmine John


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