Bible Q & A Genesis (Abraham - Introduction)

Hi, Amazing People,

Today we will read about how people were living after the flood when everything was settled down, and how LORD scattered them upon the whole Earth.

Genesis Chapter 11:1
And the whole Earth was of one language, and of one speech.

God realised that people are speaking only one language on the earth, and then they started making bricks to build a city of their own, they were making this city with the intention of not leaving their place because they got so comfortable living at one place.

  And then the LORD came upon the Earth to see for himself as to what people were doing and when he found that people don't want to leave their place, he said nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined, and then he confound their language so that they will not be able to understand each other's language. After that, the LORD has scattered them to different parts of the Earth.

Our GOD is so wise, he knows what goes on in people's mind. That is why it is also written in the Bible lean not only on your understanding as your GOD guides your path.

Let's move on in Genesis Chapter 11

  Further, in this chapter, we can read about the generations of Shem. In this chapter, we can read about Abram, who was later named Abraham by the LORD. We can read in Genesis 11:26 that from Terah, Abram, Nahor and Haran were born.

 Then further we read that Abram got married to Sarai, but Sarai was barren and had no child. And then Terah who was the father of Abram took him, Sarai and his grandson Lot to Canaan who was a son of his other son Haran and lived there. Terah lived in Canaan for two hundred and five years and died in Haran.

In my next blog, I will tell you about Abram, where he lived and why GOD named him Abraham and what was his journey.

My question for today is do we trust LORD when he scatters us?

Do we rely on him for all our needs OR we lean on our own understanding?

Love & Respect
Jasmine John


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